Bruce E. Dunn Speaks on his Experience as an Indie Author

pygmalian coverWhat makes your books stand out from others in the same genre?

It is creative and unique. I will quote from my copy editor from She wrote about the first book, “Pygmalion Conspiracy”. She wrote, “All I have to say is WOW! I have NEVER read anything like this! This is by far the most creative, unique, captivating, (and educational) book I’ve read/edited in a long time. I couldn’t help but feel enamored with your writing style and the world you created. It’s absolutely stunning. What a creative story! Jeevra is a phenomenal protagonist, and I have no doubt your readers will love this book from cover to cover.”
It is hard to fit into a genre other than simply science fiction. The starting date is around 200,000 years ago and, at least for Goodreads, that is too far back to be called historical science fiction. The whole series of four books covers a period from about 450,000 to about 8000 years ago.
Perhaps it is anthropological science fiction or maybe even creationist science fiction, but it is by no means in the Christian tradition. It is more in the line of genetic engineering.

What are some pros and cons to retaining full creative control over your book?

There are no cons to me. However, I can see cons for someone whose livelihood depends on the revenue from a book. I feel pretty sure of the sales expertise of major book companies. For me I want creative control. I am willing to pay for it. However, I do not know if a book company would demand changes for better sales. I will say that two people who wrote to me about how much they like my book worked as editors in major book companies. So I do wonder at times if I made a mistake. I do know that as a self-published author I can win neither the Hugo nor Nebula awards. This may seem arrogant of me, but I do know that a book of poetry that sold only bout 1500 copies won the Nobel Prize for literature.

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