Indie Picture Book Author and Illustrator Lauren Pierre Shares her Experience in the Industry

What are the challenges of writing a picture book that people may not be aware of?

It’s harder than it looks! A lot of people have the awful misconception that writing for children is easier and even “less sophisticated” than writing for adults, especially in the case of picture books. That’s a boldface lie. Children need positive, upstanding literature to guide them through the journey that is growing up, and the writers who try to make that journey a little smoother (myself included) really are taking on a difficult, but rewarding task. Squeezing a meaningful message into 800-1000 words, in a way that is accessible by children is NOT as easy as it may sound.

What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced as an illustrator?

DEADLINES. Even though I’ve mainly worked for myself, goal-setting is something I’ve struggled with. The “trick” I’ve found helpful is to plan ahead; draw thumbnails so you know how the illustrations are going to look. Capitalize on you’re most productive moments during the day, and pace yourself; avoid getting burned-out and remember to rest!

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Lauren Isabelle Pierre is a children’s writer, digital illustrator, and animation enthusiast residing in South Florida. She is the author of two books, and is expecting to release two more in the coming months.

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