A College-Friendly Spanish Recipe (aka cheap and easy to clean up)

Who doesn’t love to cook an easy and incredibly inexpensive meal, and have it turn out absolutely delicious? Who doesn’t love when that meal happens to come straight from Southern Spain, an authentic dish that stood out for me during my time here in The Valencian region for one simple reason:

It sure as heck beats instant ramen for my new college staple.

Let’s be brutally honest here. If you’re like me, your pantry probably consists of a big ‘ol bag of rice, some pasta, and a couple of cans of non-perishables. You probably eat pasta every flipping day, and while pasta is great, too much of anything can kill you, or at least sap your will to live.

This is where this fabulous, authentic Spanish dish comes in.


  • Rice
  • Tomato sauce/can of tomatoes
  • egg, singular
  • Literally whatever spices you can find in your cupboard. Skip this step if using pre-made sauce.


  1. Fry an egg. Come on, I have faith in you. You can do it. I prefer mine a little runny for this dish.
  2. Boil rice. To cook perfectly, first soak in cold water for 30 min, then add to a pot along with some butter or oil. Mix. Then add the hot water and salt. But who’s got time for that? Just boil the freaking rice.
  3. (Pro tip. If you add turmeric to the boiling water, the rice will come out a funky fun shade of yellow. You can pretend it’s saffron rice if you want to feel fancy.)
  4. Make sauce. If you’ve got pre-made, you’re golden. If not, just fry up some chopped garlic with a little oil, pour a can of tomatoes in there, and add oregano and basil, or whichever of those you have lying around. Salt and pepper are good too. Thyme works as well in a pinch (Buh dum bum kssshhhh).
  5. Pile rice in a nice little hill on your plate. Cover with sauce. Add egg on top. Now mix that egg nice and thoroughly with your food and dig in!

One added bonus of the egg is it adds a little protein to an otherwise carb filled college diet. It’s cheaper than meat!

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