Indie Author Series: Nomita Khanna Interview


Award-winning author Nomita Khanna has debated on stage to win trophies, conducted summer camps for children, splashed oil-paint on canvas, crocheted caps and mittens for toddlers, and written stories for Femina, a leading magazine in India; all in an endeavor to create things.

She makes her home in India with her family, a sizeable collection of books and a growing number of unfinished puzzle boards. She is the author, most recently, of ‘ROSE’S BENT STEM’, a chilling psychological thriller based on true events. The book hit #3 in Amazon best sellers in crime fiction in the Paid Kindle Store and later #1 in Amazon best sellers in biographical fiction in the Free Kindle Store.

Her debut novel ‘Lucky Costasaurus and the Golden-Winged Vultures’ a book for young readers (12+) has hit #1 in Amazon best sellers in the Myths, Legends, Sagas category in the Free Kindle Store. It has also won the Finalist Award in the Pre-Teen fiction category in the 13th Annual NIEA awards competition. The protagonist, a dinosaur is a vulnerable, yet mostly resilient fellow unlike her as she is terrified of many things big and small, including but not limited to small talk, public toilets, parking lots, and strangely; barbers. When she is not writing, she is probably playing the keyboard, watching Grace & Frankie on Netflix, or plotting and planning a tough treasure hunt for little ones


  1. You say in your book description that your story is based on true events. What was it about this event in particular that rung a chord with you and inspired you to write a whole novel?

The fact that ‘people are unknowable’ is what struck a chord with me. Once I knew what I knew I couldn’t help but put it on paper. Or else I feared my gut would explode.

2. What was the greatest challenge you faced when writing, publishing, or marketing Rosé’s Bent Stem?

While writing it I simply itched to write; snatching minutes and hours from my daily schedule as much as I could. I wasn’t in exile or in a writer’s retreat as much as I would have liked that to be. Publishing wasn’t hard either considering I had published one a year ago through Kindle Direct Publishing. The hard nut to crack is the marketing part—I really cannot figure out how to make this chilling thriller visible to those who crave reading such books.

3. You told me that you originally had a different cover, but that recently you changed it to appeal to a different set of readers. How important would you say a cover is to a book?

Though it’s true not to judge a book by its cover, in my opinion a cover can certainly contribute towards intriguing a potential buyer almost as much as the blurb and the title. One reviewer said that the cover made her want to dig deep to find out what was beyond the bramble.

4. Your protagonist is a deep, troubled woman. Did writing this character drag you into a weird headspace, or did you find this wasn’t an issue?

Good question! Weird headspace? Tell me about it! I was crabby, snappy, murderous—you name it and that was me! Phew!

5. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who has found the perfect story, but doesn’t think they can write it?

Well, if someone’s got a good story, that’s quite a bit of the job done. They could make a start at least with a first draft and then take a break before going back to it.

Rose’s Broken Stem Synopsis:

A suspense thriller based on true events.

Tana, a diligent, young nurse with a troubled childhood, can’t believe her luck when she finds Vikram, a rich widower who says she is the ‘love of his life’.

The strong attraction quickly turns into something else, unraveling her life. Nightmares that wrecked her childhood are back—and ripping her world apart. Evil has already claimed victims. Is it about to take another?

As the four walls of her majestic Lutyens bungalow begin to close in on her, she spirals down into a dungeon. In this twisted world with betrayal at every step, she decides not to stay miserable and becomes the person she never thought she could be. The path to escape is swarming with grisly ambushes and … intrigue.

No one really knows what happens behind closed doors or what goes inside a person’s mind. How far will someone go to protect their secrets or to get what they want? Farther than anyone can imagine. PEOPLE ARE UNKNOWABLE.

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