Indie Interview Series: Nikita Gupta Interview

growingupguptaphoto headshotNikita is an author, blogger, and entrepreneur. Nikita is globally known for her multicultural lifestyle blog, Growing Up Gupta ( In which she and her husband, Sachin, share stories of interracial/intercultural dating and marriage, multiracial and multicultural parenting, fusion recipes, and more. Growing Up Gupta led them to author Habits of Successful Career Nomads and the Art of Interracial Dating. I’m Dating, Indian Now What?, and now their first bilingual Hindi and English children’s book. As a cross-cultural family, they noticed that there are no children’s books that celebrate being of mixed Indian/South Asian heritage. Additionally, there are not many bilingual children’s books written in Hindi and English. Hence, they created, I Love Masala Me to celebrate children of multicultural and mixed heritage. Nikita and her husband have been featured contributors for Huffington Post, The Times of India, Brown Girl Magazine, South Asian Buzz, The Parent Voice Magazine, Multicultural Kids Blogs, Multiracial Family Man, among others. They have also been featured on podcasts with Indian-Interracial Marriage, Multiracial Family Man, and more. For more on Nikita and Sachin, including social media and contact information, visit

2. What inspired you to write about a girl breaking away from cultural norms for love? Do you have personal experience with this struggle?
The book you are referring to is called the Art of Interracial Dating. I’m Dating India, Now What? Yes, I do have experience breaking away from cultural norms as does my husband.  This is the reason we wrote this particular book together. Unfortunately it is still considered taboo for Indians to marry African-Americans/non-Indians.  Hence we wanted to help others that are going through this ordeal via this book.  Our new children’s book called I love a Masala Me is a simple picture book about two children that are Indian and also American. This book is a celebration of being mixed/multicultural through food. It is also a bilingual children’s book because it is written in English and Hindi.
3.  What aspect of writing a children’s book is more difficult than most people think?
It is the marketing of the children’s book.  I believe we all can write a story but being able to create awareness that the story exists is the true test.
4. What was more difficult for you, writing your book, or marketing it?
Writing is easy because there are no multicultural (Indian and American) children’s book available to help kids and adults learn Hindi.
5. If you had to give any readers who are struggling with balancing cultural and familial expectations with their personal desires one piece of advice, what would it be?
This is a loaded question because there is no one size fit all. Communication between you and your partner is imperative. Outside of this, head to my multicultural lifestyle blog where I talk more in-depth about this, and other couples  share their love journeys too.

“Dating out, marrying out?” Dating outside your race, ethnicity, culture, or “class”, have long had stigmas tied to them. June 12, 2016, commemorates the 49th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision Loving vs. Virginia. A decision that overturned all laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Since that time, interracial/intercultural dating and marriages have been on the incline. With a growing acceptance, and changing social norms, many are finding themselves dating and marrying someone of a different race. It has become deemed as a good for society. Given this, how are the dynamics of interracial/intercultural dating similar or different to dating of someone of the same race? Are you curious? Are you considering dating someone of a different race/ethnicity? After you get past the novelty of being in an interracial/intercultural relationship what comes next? Are you thinking about marriage etc.? Do you want to understand the cultural expectations of being in this type of relationship? If so, this book will provide you with the intimate detailing’s of dating and being married to a person of Indian descent. You can expect this book to be your guidebook on the particulars of an interracial/intercultural relationship. Equipped with a plethora of advice, humor, and lessons learned mantras, as you filter through the pages of the book you won’t want to put it down. As you learn about: The ultimate guide to meeting the Parents A Guide to Indian Clothing Disowned and tips for overcoming being Disowned Cultural Clashes and advice for handling them Creating a cultural fusion and more.
Also check out Nikita Gupta’s new children’s book, I Love Masala Me

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