Covid Testing is NOT Supposed to Hurt

I have heard, time and time again, of people avoiding Covid testing because they don’t feel like having a q-tip shoved up into their brain by a sociopathic nurse, Egyptian mummy style.

This is understandable. It hurts. It’s gross. It’s invasive.

But, guess what? Covid tests are NOT supposed to hurt. The swab that you use only has to be put up your nose until it meets resistance, similar in depth to a good nose picking.

In fact, I swab myself twice a week for Covid and the worst pain I felt was a particularly aggressive sneeze.

So why are there reports of nasal violation in testing, when this kind of invasive Q-tipping is so unnecessary?

As it turns out, to swab for the flu, you need to get a sample from deep within your nose. In the beginning of the pandemic, nurses did this due to the lack of information about the virus and, perhaps, as a way to exclude the flu back when Covid was less common.

However, today, only a gentle nose swabbing is necessary. You don’t even need a medical professional. To do it yourself, simply grab the swab (without touching the tip), and stick it up your nose until you meet resistance. Don’t force it. Rotate the swab around the first nostril four times, then repeat with the second nostril. Place the swab in the tube you will be provided with, and close the lid. Voila!

Some people are skeptical about giving themselves Covid tests. However, there is no need to worry!

You will never get a false negative by not swabbing well enough. Covid tests use a control, a gene found in all human beings, to make sure you got a good sample. If that marker is not in your sample, then you will be asked to provide a new one. Simple as pie.

So don’t be afraid to get a test. Order one from a testing company to be shipped to your house, if you don’t feel like going to a testing center. It’s always better to know.

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